WBC is Over, Now Time for Regular Season.

WBC is Over, Now Time for Regular Season.

The World Baseball Classic is over and that means we are now even closer to the regular season. On April 3rd the Twins will take on the Royals at Target field, it is sure to be a fantastic opening day, but first let’s look back at Spring Training and do quick recap before that fateful day. PS: I know Spring Training isn’t over but now seems like a good time.

It started on the 14th of February when pitchers and catchers reported, and from that point on we couldn’t wait for it to be over. It was a largely routine and normal Spring Training with nothing out of the ordinary, but then the World Baseball Classic came out of left field and disrupted the entire situation. We got a nice treat with meaningful baseball before the regular season. We got some nice moments with that Adam Jones catch, Netherlands can actually play baseball, and finally leading up to Team USA’s first WBC title.

It wasn’t all good times though, Trevor May had “Tommy Johns” surgery and will be out for the whole season. We also lost 19-0 to Tampa Bay during the 5th game, and that was embarrassing, even for a Spring Training game. Our starting Pitching, and really even our pitching in general doesn’t appear to have improved, but there is a lot of promise.

 ByungHo Park was a pleasant surprise, even though it appears he’ll start out at Rochester. All that young talent that didn’t pan out last year looks to be in line and hopefully will produce, Bryon Buxton, Miguel Sano, and Max Kepler are looking to have a big impact on the team. And Kepler’s hand will be fine after what appeared to be a serious injury, so good thing do happen.We still have problems at Catcher and other positions but I have confidence in the new front office and trust what their doing.

Hopefully we can play around .500 ball, because I’m not going to sit through an entire season like last year again, It’s the summer in Minnesota and there are about a million thing to do besides watching a mediocre baseball team. then again it might be fun the watch a train come sliding off its tracks.

I hope to see you all April 3rd when Opening Day at Target field Begins.

Photo By Twin Cities Pioneer Press


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