Calm Down, MN United Can Actually Play Soccer

Calm Down, MN United Can Actually Play Soccer

After last weeks loss to Atlanta everybody seemed to think that Minnesota United was the worst soccer team in the world, and a complete failure for MLS. It appears that next weeks hot takes will be a bit different.


Minnesota rolled into Colorado desperate and with something to prove. They needed to prevent themselves from becoming the laughing stock of MLS, and it appears for now they have.

It was a 2-2 draw, but it must have ended up feeling like a victory for Minnesota after two weeks of terrible football. It didn’t start out good as Dominique Badji scored in the 17th minute to give Colorado the lead, But as he did against Atlanta last week Kevin Molino scored a penalty kick to tie things up early in the second half.

Minnesota got their first lead of the year when Christian Ramirez scored in the 58th minute, and it was absolutely a fantastic goal as well, but the lead didn’t last long as just one minute later Marlon Hairston scored to tie thing up at two goals a piece.0b52dxj0kvwfrz0nvoxbjdmhxmw8.jpg

This was an important one for Minnesota, but don’t think their out off the woods just yet, one of the goals came off of a penalty kick and Colorado had better possession of ball and way more shots on goal. Justin Davis also got a red card in the 70th minute. so everything is not looking so crystal clear just yet, but it is a major step if Minnesota wants to not be known as “the worst team in MLS history”.

Minnesota travels to New England next week before returning “April Fools Day’ to play Real Salt Lake at home.



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