Atlanta Strikes 6 Times in Victory Over Minnesota

Atlanta Strikes 6 Times in Victory Over Minnesota

Over 35000 were in attendance to watch MN United’s first MLS home game in the club’s history. it couldn’t have been more Minnesota if it tried, snow was coming down during the entire game and an orange ball was being used for better visibility.

Pregame Ceremony

Despite the momentum of the home crowd it was all Atlanta from the beginning. Josef Martinez scored 3 minutes into the match and collected two more goals during the course of the match. Miguel Almiron had two goals for Atlanta and Jacob Peterson scored off backup Goal Keeper Bobbie Shuttleworth after John Albvage was carted off the field for a what appeared to be a serious knee injury.

Alvbage being helped by medical team

Minnesota had terrible possession of the ball and their passes were poor the whole game, and even when they did get shots on net they didn’t have much power or got deflected. The only goal of the game for Minnesota was a penalty kick for Kevin Molino.

Snow Blowing the Pitch

Despite the score, the crowd was in it the entire game and people didn’t start filing out until the game was over. It was a successful game for MLS in Minnesota and the weather added to the spectacle of the event. The Commissioner of the MLS (Don Garber) made an appearance in the press box during half time to discuss weather and the future of the MLS in Minnesota. Despite the outcome of the match the fans sure had a great time.

Commissioner Garber at Half

Minnesota(0-2) goes on to Colorado on Saturday for there next game.


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